You don’t have a yard to grow your vegetables? Never mind, grow them on a wall!

About 85% of Canadians live in urban environments, and many of them live in apartments. It is your case and you wish to grow vegetables at home, but you do not have any space? Well, why not simply grow your vegetables and herbs on a wall!

You can grow your vegetables and herbs on an exterior green wall having plastic boxes or pockets made of thick felted fabric. Those boxes or pockets are then filled with soil to support the growth of plants. Such a system allows to grow several vegetables, herbs and edible flowers with ease.

An edible green wall made of Smart Pots textile pockets (photo : Les Urbainculteurs).

However, some conditions are essential for vegetables to grow and develop vertically. First, the wall must contain high quantities of rich but light soil made up of compost, peat moss and perlite. I recommend using Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix, which gives excellent results. The green wall must also be irrigated and fertilized on a frequent basis, especially if it is in full sun in the afternoon. It can be watered by hand or using a drip irrigation system. Liquid fertilizers are preferable, but a slow release granular fertilizer added at planting would also work fine.

A nice little green wall planted with nasturtiums, strawberries, lettuce and rambling rosemary.