25 FEB

Plants make us better humans

Scientific studies have shown that green neighborhoods are experiencing a crime reduction and an increased sense of respect. This is especially true when citizens participate in greening their environment. They gain a greater sense of belonging to their neighborhood, create more durable relationships with their neighbors and feel responsible for the trees and the flowers they’ve been planting. When humans unite to improve their environment they can perform miracles such as transforming an ugly and dirty lane into a beautiful garden!

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15 FEB

Real tough guys !

We are currently experiencing a particularly cold winter in Eastern North America. While the thermometer indicates –24 °C, I thought it would be rather nice to write a column on cacti. So, I decided to present you a few perennial cactuses that could be planted in your garden next summer. Indestructible cactus, perfectly well adapted to cold climates! On the introduction picture you can see an Opuntia fragilis ‘Feldberg’ flower (photo : Dornenwolf).

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