15 MAR

Grow vegetables on walls!

You don’t have a yard to grow your vegetables? Never mind, grow them on a wall!

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10 FEB

Say it with a leaf

In these troubled times, give a Lucky Heart plant (Hoya kerrii) to the ones you love.

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27 JAN

Tiny Plants

The smallest vascular plant in the world is named Wolffia arrhiza. This miniature plant is a millimeter in length and weighs only 150 micrograms! It grows in ponds and swamps of Africa, Asia and Europe. Bearing no root, wolffia is composed of a single spherical leave that floats on the water surface and produces a tiny flower comprising only one pistil and one stamen.

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20 DEC

Glow-in-the-dark algae and fungi

Some species of algae and fungi have a unusual and quite stunning feature : they are bioluminescent. Yes, they emit light! On the introduction picture, a bioluminescent fungus called Mycena chlorophos (photo : Steve Axford)

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