18 JUN

The trendy gardener : Miniature vegetable garden ready for summer

Create your own mini vegetable garden in an old toolbox.

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16 JUN

The trendy gardener : Polar flower boxes

Create a beautiful flower arrangement that do not fear the cold.

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24 MAY

The trendy gardener: Flying plants!

Create your own hanging kokedama using utensils. A different and highly original way to grow plants!

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22 MAY

Cucamelon for cocktail

Halfway between melons and cucumbers, cucamelons are cute little fruit produced on a climbing plant that grows to 1.5 m or more. This plant is native to Mexico and Central America, where it has been known since the days of the Aztecs, and is very easy to grow. It produces small greyish-green fruit with dark green stripes that look like tiny melons (hence its other common name of mouse melon) all summer long. Cucamelons taste like cucumbers with a hint of tartness and, like cucumbers, can be eaten raw as an appetizer or in salads, or pickled like gherkins. Combine whole raw or marinated cucamelons in a bowl with black olives to serve with drinks, or spear them on a toothpick for a martini!

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